Interview with Sandra Andújar,

Director of Elite Spain

The Spanish Luxury Federation. What are Elite Spain’s success factors?

Elite Spain, the Spanish Luxury Federation is revolutionizing the way the luxury and high-end sector work. We spoke with Sandra Andújar, CEO of this growing organization.

What is the Spanish Luxury Federation Elite Spain?

The Federation is registered on the National Registry of the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs. We are proud to unite over 80 exclusive companies in the luxury and high-end sector. These members are a series of international and national multi-sector companies working in fields such as Fashion, Cosmetics, Furniture, Decoration, Tourism, Gourmet, Airlines, Banks, Real Estate, Motors, etc. that meet specific and strict selection criteria.

Are you betting on a new concept of luxury?

I wouldn’t use the word betting; we position the Federation at the top of the trends. This is our soul. Traditional Luxury clients want to establish a social position and to enjoy the best quality and designs. The price is not the most relevant factor, what matters is the ability to create a unique, personal, exclusive, and authentic product or service. This is still very important, yet, as new generations arrive, luxury tastes and consumption patterns evolve. Brands with style tell a story in which the main character is the client. This means that there is no longer a square type of a luxury client; today, we can see large companies sponsoring groundbreaking artists with very disruptive attitudes showing a way of life far away from concepts such as the traditional understanding of elegance, to put it mildly. I honestly find fascinating to witness this evolution. Millennials are much more interested in living in the present moment than in long-lasting ownership. These are new values that will guide the strategies of the sector.

This is the reason why Elite Spain offers to our members a communication strategy, events, and marketing actions that are disruptive and that consider the story that the brand tells. We have an advantageous position to connect traditional and new in a very collaborative and productive way. This is the underlying concept that shapes the philosophy of The Spanish Luxury Federation Elite Spain.

What other changes you foreseen for the sector?

Social and ecological responsibility. These two are luxury trending topics that are coming strong and are very positive developments.
Some of our members are doing a great job in this direction. Stella McCartney, for example, is a pioneer fully committed to a circular economy that decreases the textile waste produced.

But it is taking things even further with its unique Vegan Fashion, using textured cellulose instead of leather without affecting quality or style. I see that this social and ecological decision improves the user experience and elevates the brand.

Another example is Kevin Murphy, the luxury hair cosmetics company.  Its beautiful packaging design is made with 100% recycled waste collected from the oceans. This company recycles 360 tons of plastic from the sea every year. I see this action as a great achievement that needs to be followed by other players in the industry.

I feel hopeful to see that there are more alike cases among the luxury industry. That People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a member of the Board of Directors of LVMH since 2017 is another great example.

Also, as we were discussing millennials earlier, I am convinced that the new generations will not support companies that tolerate the destruction of the environment, and they will strongly influence positive changes in social and ecological responsibility.

The Spanish Luxury Federation Elite Spain supports various charitable causes from the benefit of the most disadvantaged people to sustainability causes. Our members are, with no doubt, the backbone of such activities.

Interview by: Ana Pavon

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