Robert De Niro, the man of a thousand roles

For many film buffs, Robert de Niro is the best actor of all time. The man of a thousand roles, capable of transforming himself into the character that his part demands.

Can Roca, an emotional journey to the epicentre of flavour

Joan, Josep and Jordi. The Roca brothers, the three vertices of an equilateral triangle whose synergy gives shape to a cuisine unlike any other. A three-player game which is based on effort, perseverance, curiosity and emotion.

Rafael Nadal, from talent to legend

Being No. 1 in tennis, and at the same time so well-loved and admired both on and off the court is difficult, but Rafael Nadal has achieved it with flying colours.

Natalie Rich, a business woman

After carving out a hugely successful modelling and TV career in London, England, Natalie Richardson and her husband moved to Marbella with their two children, India and Thalia. Paul was in the nightclub industry, with clubs...

Dabiz Muñoz, a new way of understanding cuisine

Dabiz Muñoz was born in Madrid in 1980. Non-conformist, determined, with a distinctly rebellious look, he became the youngest chef to be awarded...

Antonio Banderas: The acclaimed actor from Málaga

On August 10th, 1960, José Antonio Domínguez Banderas was born in La Caleta Hospital in Malaga. The son of José and Ana, a policeman and...