Meet the Chef

DIEGO DEL RÍO is the Executive Chef of Boho Restaurant. Diego belongs to a new generation of chefs who combines local products with intense flavours from all across the world. He has a huge passion for locally sourced Andalusian produce and always keeps ahead of the culinary preferences, offering a unique gastronomic experience to the guests at Boho Restaurant.

Previous to taking on the role as Executive Chef at Boho Restaurant, Diego has travelled extensively to gain his culinary experience, cooking for five star hotels and Michelin awarded restaurants across Europe.

“All the fruits and vegetables are sourced locally from my most trusted sources ensuring it is fresh and seasonal. The use of aromatic herbs and fresh spices are essential to my cooking and I use them with an aim to protect our Andalusian culinary heritage. Apart from seasonal freshness, my primary ambition is to create unique compositions that tickle the taste buds of all our guests” Ejoy.

Food is life. We believe in local, natural and wholesome foods.

Our Executive Chef, Diego, will craft an experience for your mouth and your mind.

Let him transport you to a universe of food, wine and pure delight.

He creates culinary experiences that transcend culture. The ingenious talent of our Michelin-starred chef is displayed in the elegant design of his dishes.

The enticing menus change seasonally and are always mouth-wateringly good.

Start with mussels in coconut, lime, coriander and chilli, followed by Iberian pork loin with roasted aubergine, miso and salted peanut praline, and finish with pumpkin pavlova with orange sorbet, carrot and ginger.

Flavours that only get better with the drinks.

Which dish do you usually recommend?
A good grouper, a magnificent snapper, or the always tasty sea bass.

Have you ever considered retiring?
I’ll leave that question up in the air… it depends!

Which chefs do you admire?
Pedro Subijana, Martín Berasategui, Juan Mari Arzak, and of course, our Dani García, a young man with a very bright future.

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