Surprises with an oniric suite

The international interior designer Susana Urbano has captivated the visitors of Marbella Design – the interior design, design and high decoration fair held in Marbella- with a large suite called “Shoot for your dreams“, where through interior design she expresses the importance of dreaming and setting goals to achieve complete happiness.

This suite offers a dreamlike and relaxing trip recreating an oniric suite, surrounded by the best pieces of furniture, art and technology, mostly designed by Susana Urbano herself for this space, combined with others carefully chosen for it.

Innovative and personalized materials in the bathroom

In the bathroom area, Susana Urbano has customized the Villeroy & Boch furniture and also the screen for this occasion. The interior designer presents innovative ways of using materials, covering the shower wall with moldings as well as presenting new products such as a body dryer or vegan towels and combining them with a high-tech massage shower from Dornbracht.

Character and personality with pieces of art

The pieces of art give character to the space, highlighting the strength of two works of art with an incredible visual effect, one of them in mirror mode, 2d mode, 3d mode by Emmanuelle Rybojad and the other made with rice paper and with a colorful effect. Visual of Zhuang Hong Yi. On the other hand, the work of art “Leria” by Arturo Álvarez has been specially adapted for the space.

In conclusion, this suite designed by Susana Urbano for Marbella Design represents a journey, where the dreams begin in the bedroom and flow accompanying us through a dream dressing room to end in a bathroom that provides balance and well-being.

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