Jewellery to shine at any occasion

The eternal sparkle of diamonds and precious stones is the theme of Rabat’s latest trend. The “Shine of Colors” campaign, inspired by the power of color, is composed of the brand’s most iconic and characteristic pieces, which highlight the personality of the woman wearing them, and illuminate those special moments.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, with a wealth of unique jewellery, in which diamonds and colored sapphires compose iconic pieces that transmit joy, life and hope. Rabat’s Diamond and Rainbow Collections are the protagonists of Shine of Colors; jewellery to shine at any occasion.

Fine Craftsmanship

A symbol of purity and perfection, the Diamond Collection reflects the fine craftsmanship of Rabat jewellery and their commitment to preserving the natural beauty and eternal sparkle of diamonds. The pieces in this collection, in white gold and diamonds of different cuts (oval, princess and brilliant), add elegance and radiance, reflecting the essence of this precious stone.

Fancy diamonds, which form part of some of the Diamond Collection pieces, envelop the jewellery in a yellow hue, and are glittering and alluring both in daylight and at night.

Inspired by nature

For its part, the Rainbow Collection, inspired by nature, is made up of jewels that symbolise the sky, with the colours of the rainbow; the air, with diamonds; water, with blue sapphires, and the earth, with rose gold. Rainbow is a collection that brings a sense of fun and light with the most striking and colourful jewellery, for the woman who does not want to go unnoticed.

Rabat, guaranteed quality

Rabat, which has now established itself as a benchmark in Spain within the luxury sector, grew from a small jeweller’s workshop opened by Esteban Rabat in 1977 to currently having a chain of stores in Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Valencia and Tarragona, where a magical selection of jewellery, diamonds, gemstones and watches of the most prestigious international firms is on display to be enjoyed.

Rabat’s jewellery conveys the professionalism and precision applied by the firm to the selection of each gemstone. And this is reflected in the quality of each and every one of the jewels that make up the collections of this house, which stands out for its elegance and glamour. If you fancy buying a gift or indulging yourself for Valentine’s Day, Rabat jewellery is the best excuse.

Diamond Collection.

Rainbow Collection.

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