The Residential Project ‘Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella’

How did the concept of these villas come about?

Having achieved remarkable success in our EPIC Fendi Residences the vision was to introduce another brand and concept where both would mutually compliment and add value to each other expanding our branded residences in the heart of the golden mile. The collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld brand has been an outstanding experience dating back to our initial press release in Paris through our official release presentation in Marbella in late October.

What is your favourite feature of the villas?

Being very difficult to choose one feature above all others, beyond the striking mirrored façade and solar paneled pergolas on the sundecks, the sustainable zero emissions element is one of the pillars of this project and one that is very significant to both the SB & KL brands as the sustainable & eco friendly agenda is essential and integral part of operating procedure.

Why was that specific location chosen?

The location is the natural continuation of our initial EPIC project however rather than following with more residences we preferred the challenge of introducing a new brand and very singular designer villa concept to the most sought after location in Marbella being walking distance to the beach, Puerto Banus, and PR hotel.

What key aspects of Karl Lagerfeld’s designs/aesthetics are featured in the villas?

Above all KL villas continue with the SB DNA of pioneering the market trend and creating niche market segments by creating the very first KL residences anywhere in the world. The design concept is unquestionably singular in all aspects, most notably in the originality of the villa shape and composition as well as Karl´s emphasis on dualism as a fixture as well as the iconic horizontal bookcase featured in each of the 5 villas.

What do you think the villas will cost approximately?

The first KL villa was sold prior to the official presentation of the project on October 20th at 15M€ which was announced during the event. The monetary value for this particular project in particular is secondary to the villas being 5 truly iconic residential works of art carrying the name and spirit of the most decorated fashion designer of the last 50 years in Marbella´s finest location.

What are your thoughts on sustainable housing?

We are very much aligned with the sustainable living concept whereby all of our current and future projects have a greatly reduced carbon footprint and are highly energy efficient. We truly believe and stand by sustainable living as very much the way forward.

Do you think there will be more Karl Lagerfeld real estate projects in the near future?

There is an undoubtedly a willingness on behalf of both SB and KL to continue working on future collaborations in the near future.

Which feature in the villas do you think will sell them?

There is no particular urgency in selling them quickly however we recently made a waiting list for potential candidates which has translated into 3 of the 5 villas being sold within 60 days of our official release. The true essence, style, and iconic design that KL always portrayed can be seen, felt, and touched in every home. The high end rarely utilized materials markedly on the façade and pergola will make a major impact visibly as well as our 3.5 meter high ceilings throughout, high definition intricate garden landscape, etc. There are countless very authentic features that make KL villas Marbella a one and only timeless project.

Is there any reason Marbella was chosen for this project?

Marbella especially in recent years has become the most sought after high end residential destination in Europe having greatly improved leading gastronomy, hotels, beach clubs, sporting facilities, golf clubs, schools/universities, medical clinics/hospitals and above an outstanding quality standard of living. Having introduced EPIC by FENDI, the continuation to another leading such as KL was only a matter of time. Our synergies and shared values with the KL brand are absolutely aligned on all aspects.

What makes this project so iconic apart from it being by Karl Lagerfeld?

The design is truly second to none having that absolute wow factor when first seeing the project master plan. Being the very first KL villa residences in the world speaks volumes and makes it difficult to put a value on such an original and unique residential project. The fact that one of the villa´s will be featured in the Sotheby´s auction being held during the MET gala in NY where a tribute will be held towards KL´s life and legacy adds the element of our project being highlighted on the world´s biggest stage in memory of the legend of KL.

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