Tradition, Modernity and Product

 Jordi Cruz is head chef of ABaC Barcelona, a three Michelin star restaurant that is characterised by the combination of tradition and avant-garde, with a focus on top quality products.

Jordi Cruz could be defined in many ways, but tenacity, passion and perseverance are probably the terms that best sum up his personality. Born in Manresa (Barcelona), the chef studied culinary arts at the Escuela Superior de Hostelería Joviat. He’d always known that cooking was his vocation, so at the age of 14, he started working at the restaurant Estany Clar de Cercs, Barcelona, where he received his first Michelin star in 2004, at the age of 24, becoming the youngest chef in Spain and the second youngest in the world to receive this distinction.

In 2007, Cruz left Estany Clar to become the manager and head chef of Angle de Món Sant Benet, Barcelona, which was awarded a Michelin star a year later. In 2010, he joined the management of ABaC Restaurant & Hotel, an authentic gastronomic gem and one of the most exclusive establishments in the city, where he was awarded a second Michelin star in 2012, and three Repsol Suns a year later.

The restaurant obtained its third Michelin star in 2017, situating it at the highest level of the Gastronomic Guide, and becoming the second restaurant in the city of Barcelona to hold such a prestigious award.

Apart from his work in the kitchen and his television experience as a judge on MasterChef since 2013, Cruz is the author of six books on gastronomy. Within his profession, the coherence and his unique approach to avant-garde cuisine has continued to transcend changing fashions and trends.

The philosophy of ABaC Restaurant

The concept of ABaC restaurant is based on three fundamental elements: tradition, modernity and product. As far as tradition is concerned, creativity is in their DNA. Drawing inspiration from everything that dwells in the depths of time and progressing with respect for the traditional dishes, all that is needed is attained in order to reach the point of understanding what novel really is.

The restaurant’s cuisine is unpretentious yet unique, reinventing itself on a daily basis. The endless hours of burners, trials and tests serve to create something different. Although the intention is not to be unique or shine like a shooting star, what is clear is that the restaurant serves food like no other to be found anywhere else in the world.

Furthermore, the concept of the restaurant focuses on the product, based on the conviction that you can only make exceptional cuisine if you use the best ingredients. Quality, freshness and natural flavours are its added values, which make for incredible gastronomic proposals, in the knowledge that local products are the best.


Space and menu

A lobby dominated by a sulphurised steel lattice screen welcomes diners, who are seated in one of the elegant lounges where order, shapes and materials have been prioritised in their meticulous decoration. Waxed oak floors with rustic grey tones; oval tables that add character and intimacy to the space; overhead and perimeter lighting that put the dish in the spotlight while providing a warm ambience.

The furniture is made of spazzolato oak, and sheer satin textiles in grey tones frame the large windows that overlook the garden. A luxury of details on a par with the exquisite wine cellar and acclaimed gastronomy, with dishes such as prawn bouillabaisse infused with orange, saffron and plankton bread; clams with caviar and lime, or Lulo ceviche with oysters and pisco sour. A true delight for the senses.

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