After the summer months, when we tend to opt for light, comfortable clothes, now is the time to fill our wardrobes with the glamour and sophistication of the new autumn trends.

This year, the autumn season comes loaded with romantic garments, with a special focus on sleeves and marked shoulders. The designers have opted for oversize volumes, sometimes tight-fitting at the waist, maxi-bows and satin garments. Plain colours or patterns, as an antidote to the imminent falling of the leaves, somewhat reminiscent of the ‘90s, where accessories become a must to add the final touches to a look which makes a woman feel feminine and confident.

Juan Vidal

In contrast, has opted for black nappa, with an evocation of a pop and folk character. Oranges, reds, pinks, blues and greens also appear in his colour palette, with textured checks, beautiful embroidery or silk prints. The combination of fabrics results in contemporary cocktail dresses with an Asian touch, which are reminiscent of Spanish high fashion.

Marcos Luengo

For his part, Marcos Luengo proposes a mix of velvet with sequins, offering silk velvets as alternatives for elegant, sophisticated parties. Pleated lurex and ostrich feathers adorn mauves, reds, violets, sepias, greens, blues and yellows. A feminine, timeless colour spectrum that creates a splendid woman in every respect.

Roberto Verino

Fancy a trip this autumn? Roberto Verino makes it possible by offering a look into the enigmatic Egypt, with cargo trousers and linen Saharan jackets. Sophisticated silk and chiffon, wool and satin cotton combined with hand-embroidered lace, as well as the elegance of the lingerie garments, handkerchief skirts, and tulle adorned with gemstones.


Malne‘s designs are inspired by the androgynous look of Grace Jones. Haute couture combined with impeccable tailoring, where there will be no lack of surprises, such as pagoda shoulders, XL sleeves and vibrant colours combined with black. As for the materials, they range from mikado silk to Chantilly lace, as well as cashmere or metallic tweed.

Juan Duyos

Juan Duyos, for his part, has imagined a modern, contemporary woman, who is not influenced by clichés, but at the same time does not wish to lose her cultural identity. His designs range in colour from black through the chromatic seduction of blues, raspberries and golds, with evening dresses and floral prints. Classic fabrics and silhouettes, with certain volume and adorned with frills and fringes. They are elegant dresses with substance, made to attract attention.

Roberto Torretta

Roberto Torretta has focused once again on timeless garments, with masculine jackets or double-breasted coat dresses of masculine cuts. Versatile garments, in light fabrics, and evening dresses with patterns, or a touch of rocker style, for women who cannot hide the energy that always accompanies them.

Roberto Diz

Roberto Diz, in contrast, empowers women with a refined style, without sacrificing sensuality. In a tribute to the great French designers of the ‘80s, he presents long, red-carpet style dresses in a wide variety of fabrics and a colour palette that ranges from black to blue, through burgundies and metallic reflections. And as an avant-garde touch of colour, gloves in fluorescent green.

Ulises Mérida

Ulises Mérida proposes clothes that embrace the woman without marking her, with magnificent fabrics such as tulle, satin and chiffon. Light-hearted women in purple and yellow, with greens and oranges. A universe of colour so that anyone wearing his clothes feels comfortable with them and in their own skin.

Teresa Helbig

Teresa Helbig believes in witches and the convention that took place in Bratislava, in January 1932. They are dressed in embossed leather, silk mixed with bobbin lace, flaunting patterns with tigers, owls, dragonflies and lemurs. Wonderful draping, and cuffs that appear made to measure, complemented with elaborate collars, sleeves and shoulders, in works of simply perfect needlecraft.

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