Real Estate Market is booming, it does not stop growing and every month new Real Estate Agencies are being established in Marbella. Do you think professionals are well trained to succeed in such a competitive sector?

It is important for buyers to know that both in Marbella and wider Spain it is not obligatory to have a licence to become a real estate agent and so choosing the right agent can be a gamble.

To be a successful agent, you must at least understand the areas, the neighbourhoods and the current market prices to be able to best advise your client. It is also important to have some technical knowledge to better understand the properties, such as the windows, the kitchens and also having some legal knowledge. There are some very well qualified agents here who have this knowledge but not the actual qualifications, and there are also some agents who may have the qualification but have limited knowledge. These agents might take the client to multiple properties and hope that the client might like one.

Our advice to those selling or buying property is to seek an agent with knowledge on the market prices and the area in question and also someone who has legal and technical awareness. Ask your agent to compare similar properties as well, so that you can be sure you are gaining the best price that you can.

How and when was Solvilla emerged?

Solvilla was born as a developer, several years ago. Although we are a relatively “young” company, because we started our roots as a developer, we have skin in the game; an understanding of the core of building a property in terms of the technical and financial details more than the average real estate agent. We have long worked with architects and we know the areas we position ourselves in extremely well.

What do you remember of the beginnings in Marbella? What have you learned from this market?

Before Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe came to Marbella, it was a small fisherman’s town. When he arrived and set up Marbella Club Hotel, the luxury holiday destination of the wealthy was born and areas such as the Golden Mile began to flourish. We have our office situated in Marbella Club Hotel because it is the only place here in Marbella to still carry this “real” Marbella vibe today. Now the wider Marbella market is booming, and areas such as Nueva Andalucía have become a prime area where real estate retains value. While Marbella is an ever-changing market, we are constantly working to bring up the level of property and as such, we have recently sold Nueva Andalucía’s highest value property.


You have positioned your Company in Marbella in a record time and you sell properties really quickly. Why are you so successful in selling luxury properties?

Solvilla offers quality properties in prime locations. Our sales advisors have years of experience selling properties in the Marbella area and our combined knowledge is helping our clients to secure fantastic investments and high-quality family homes in the best areas.

As we sell many properties, we have up to date statistics and a more analytical overview of the market and can continue to offer the best investments for our clients. We also constantly evolve our marketing efforts, tailor-making our marketing to each individual property.

What is Solvilla´s property selection criteria? What makes Solvilla different from other agencies?

Our main areas are Nueva Andalucía, Sierra Blanca, the Golden Mile and La Quinta. We look for high quality products; properties that use quality materials and both aesthetic and functional architecture and design. In terms of what makes us different, Solvilla is typically involved in a project long before the property is completed. We work to advise the seller on how to create a sellable product and so we know what is behind the functionalities and the nice carpet you see on the floor.

Regarding the previous Real Estate Boom, the one before the Crisis, do you think we have learned from mistakes or they are being repeated?

Prior to the crisis, banks were lending money without strict qualifying procedures and as a result, many people borrowed who simply could not pay back. Now, the banks are still lending but only to qualified buyers, helping to stabilise the market.

How many people are part of Solvilla´s team? How do you recruit your staff?

Solvilla is now a team of more than 15 employees. We do not have a strict criteria for recruitment, it is more a feeling. Each time we have a possible candidate, the entire team is consulted and gives feedback, so it is very much a team decision.

What would you advise an Undecided Investor regarding the Marbella Market?

To call us now and we will find your dream investment! In real estate, there really is no good or bad time to invest, it is about finding a property that is well priced within the current economic situation. Here in Marbella, the prices are growing steadily, and the amount of transactions are increasing.

Any professional challenge for 2020?

We strive to provide the best service for our clients and collaborating agents. This is a continual objective for us and something that can always be improved, and we will never be complacent. We are also excited to soon be launching The Hills, our biggest turnkey development to date.

Interview by: Ana Pavon

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