The new collection represents a modern interpretation of the poppy. Poppy flowers and checks combined, making “flower power” very special and fresh. There are mainly casual style pieces in this collection. We hope your child can fully feel the vibes of freedom in these high quality clothes. Stefania presents how she will enjoy the collection during her holidays.

Clothes are an important part of your appearance. They create the first impression of a person, of their creativity and individuality. The main goal of the company is the development and manufacturing of comfortable, elegant pieces for children that represent their desire to be mature and independent. Apart from that, it is extremely important to develop the child’s taste and sense of style from an early age! This is why Stefania put great effort into showing children the beauty and harmony, helping them express themselves, finding their style and fashion and interacting with the outside world through it – all with Stefania clothes.


It all started with a great love – the love of parents for their long-awaited daughter, Stefania. They wanted to give their new-born baby a gift that can only be dreamed of: a premium brand that would carry her name and represent her in the world of high fashion.

Time will pass, and Stefania will be able to show all her creativity – the brand will reflect her aesthetic view of the world and unique style.

Thus, the fabulous story of Stefania, memories of her childhood and her first discoveries became the very instant inspiration for all the collections of the STEFANIA brand, an initial guideline for a beautiful and careful selection of details.

It’s not a secret that fashion is capricious, flighty and fleeting. Its main feature is constant change. Most of us accept the game and follow the new tendencies, and it is totally understandable – everyone wants to be modern and successful, which most of the time requires us to be fashionable. But there are more meaningful things in life – timeless things.

For our company, family, with its rules & traditions, love for children, and utmost care for each family member will forever be the number one value.

We are proud that our company can combine family values and business – this feature lays in the foundation of both its internal and external policies. The relationship between the members of our team could be called family. We do not only work together – we relax, celebrate and spend downtime altogether. Our attitude towards our partners and clients is also very attentive and warm. This atmosphere makes our work very pleasant, allowing us to manage the everyday routine easily and smoothly.

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