By Dr. Bruno Pereira

Marbella is increasingly being seen as more than a place to catch some rays of sun and get a great tan. Last year saw a 23% rise in tourist numbers, and not everyone was here just for a vaycay. The city that is home to a luxury port, designer boutiques and sexy beach clubs is also famed for being a top choice for medical tourism. With a select but renowned group of plastic surgeons and a leader in aesthetic dentistry – Dr. Bruno Perreira – heading the luxirous One Clinic on the Golden Mile, Marbella is the seeking to be a little more gorgeous when they get on the plane back home.

Dr. Pereira was trained in the U.S. and he is a visiting Professor at New York University. As he is a consultant for a U.S. company with groundbreaking technology, he has invested in cutting-edge equipment in his own clinic. Additionally, he is a worldwide speaker on facial and dental aesthetics. Today, he is sharing eight secrets that make a smile captivating. .


“Everyone is loading images and stories on social media these days; Instagram and other social media have blurred the lines between celebrities, influencers, and everyday people,” says Dr. Bruno. Indeed, social media can be a double-edged sword. Selfies allow you to see yourself from every angle, and sometimes, images and videos can reveal a thing or two about your smile that you are not 100% happy with.

Veneers are an ideal solution for people wanting quick, yet lasting results. “They last for 15 to 20 years so it is critical to select a well-trained dentist with vast experience in the field. You should also ask for ‘before and after’ images of their work, so you know that 10 years down the track, you’ll still be happy with the result.” Furthermore, it is important to get a test of the veneers on yourself to see how they would look on you before starting the treatment. This way, you will easily decide what you want your smile to look like before making a decision.

Veneers are much finer than in the past and teeth are do not need to be sanded down to a nub. “They are used by most celebrities and influencers alongside other beautifying treatments – including laser, lip injections and non-surgical facelifts. They can perfect an already nice smile beyond the capabilities of braces and Invisalign.” Indeed, many see this treatment as the perfect marriage of science, technology, and art.


For a smile to truly captivate others, it has to be in perfect harmony with the rest of your face. “A smile needs to be tailored to each face as a unique piece of jewellery would. However, it goes beyond that; it also involves meeting each person’s needs and understanding their personality so their smile matches their charisma to perfection.” Exclusivity is a key factor of the entire process. “It’s a bit like the difference between shopping at a regular boutique and going to Paris to commission a Birkin. The results in terms of quality and design are staggering. These days, people can request the smile they had when they were younger or ask for a newly designed smile, similar to one they have seen onscreen.”


Because veneers are an investment, it is important to see what you are signing up for beforehand.

At One Clinic we provide you with 3D renders of your future smile integrated into your face with the shape and size of veneers you have chosen.

The dentist takes 3D pictures beforehand, then integrates the scanned smile onto the digital rendering of your face.” The image is not a simulation. It is a real 3D image of the smile our team has created for you.”


Veneers can solve a wide array of issues – including a chipped tooth, teeth that don’t respond well to traditional whitening procedures and grey teeth from falls or medication. However, they are not the only solution. “Some people opt for whitening or Invisalign.”


It is amazing how individual differences in each face determine an ideal smile. “There are many factors to take into consideration,” says Dr. Bruno, “Lips frame the teeth, but the face frames the smile.

A smile is the centrepiece of beauty so it needs to flow with the rest of the face. For instance, the ideal shade depends on the colour of your skin.

The whiter your skin, the lighter teeth can go. If lips have more volume, they go better with bigger teeth. A smile needs to harmonise with all the facial features, helping to make small asymmetries imperceptible.”


A beautiful smile depends on a dentist’s understanding of someone’s personality, expectations, and the ideal tooth shape and colour for the individual face. The end result is no less than a work of art. “All aesthetic procedures should be subtle; they should simply enhance natural beauty. Real beauty is naturally imperfect. It is all about the small details that can make the difference between a natural and a ‘fake’ smile,” says Dr. Bruno.


Other procedures are sometimes considered. For instance, some people who have opted for very full lips (with fillers) can find that the area between their upper lip and nose has increased considerably over time – and this ages their look. There is a quick in-house procedure that can shorten this area and give the upper lip a naturally fuller look all at once.


Veneers originated in 1928, when pioneering aesthetic dentist Charles Pincus accepted commissions from Hollywood directors wishing to embellish actors’ smiles. They could actually be popped off at the end of the day. Today, of course, they are a more permanent choice. The future of smile design looks promising. “Today, artificial intelligence and digital technology are working together to enable veneers to be made in advance – without the dentist touching the person’s teeth beforehand. Everything is done digitally and we use guides to be extremely conservative,” explains Dr. Bruno, and indeed when it come to future developments, the only way is up!

A beautiful smile is, ultimately, as unique as every human being who walks on the planet. It expresses their personality and indeed, their inner artistry, as well as the dentist’s experience and ability to capture who you really are. “These days, we can customise so many things – colour, texture, shape, size, and translucency.” In many ways, opting for exclusive smile design can be seen as one of the ultimate acts of self-kindness. Imagine feeling beautiful every time you share who you are with others through one of the most expressive features of your being: your smile!

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